Week Three Update

Week Three Update

Tonight wraps up week three of DSLegion being more than just a meme page. I started out with an itch for digital design, buying an iPad Pro and an Apple Pencil, and going at it. I designed a few pieces for a fun, and a few just to see if I could. I’ve been pretty pleased with what I’ve come up with. I have so much I still want to do, but time is harder to come by. I launched the store while I was starting a two week school at Fort Leonard Wood, MO. Once that was wrapped up, I began to prepare for my final fill as a Drill Sergeant and simultaneously a PCS. Despite the challenges, I have enjoyed seeing people interested in my designs. More will come in the near future. There’s not a whole lot of products that represent the Drill Sergeant, and if there is, its not very good. I had hoped to change that.

So far, I’ve been able to garner interest among my friends, but packages have been shipped to locations ranging from Hawaii to New York. Soon, if profits allow, I’ll be getting something other than vinyls and tops out there.

An important thing about the profits I feel people should know is that I have no plan to keep any of it. As soon as I’m reimbursed for the startup costs, the store will then fund itself. So far, its been completely hands-off; I submit a design and choose the products it’s available on, the fulfillment center does all the work beyond that. As long as there’s money to support the fees and memberships, I will continue the store. If for some reason, the costs outweigh the profits, its been fun and I hope everyone had the opportunity to join in.




 SFC (DS) Sawyer in the First Legionnaire Tee@befitkilleen in the First Legionnaire TeeDS Rodriquez rocking the Rainbow Unicorn Vinyl

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